Photos of Actress Sanuja in Bayam Ariyan Audio Launch

Sanuja is most young upcoming Kerala actress in South Indian film industry . Her latest movie Bayam Ariyan was filmed recently and Bhayam Ariyaan film was directed by Pradheesh. heroine Sanuja was playing opposite Mahesh Kumar who is debuting actor. This Bayam Movie has Ponammbulam in a big role and has been shot mostly in a graveyard.Actress Sanuja is one of the newest discovery of Tamil and Malayalam cinema.Most of Telugu and Tamil Actress like her is always sexy beacuse normally the celebrities can also be seen in this beautiful poses which people of other parts of india may consider as hot.This beauty will get in to everyones mind. Thanks everyone who has been appreciating me daily so that i started gaining my form in publishing more photo galleries which are spicy.Join my fan club and get the latest pictures and updates of my hubs soon as it is published.