Could Lindsay Lohan Spend a YEAR in the Jail?

Elden Fox has a reputation as a fair justice, but one with limited or no patience for defendants if there is any inclination that one has violated his orders.

He's ordered Lindsay Lohan to appear in person at her hearing on Friday, even though she's now in rehab and is not planning to dispute her failed drug test(s).

These two facts have Team Lindsay extremely concerned.

Sources say that after all she's pulled, Fox could sentence Lohan to a year behind bars when she appears for her probation violation hearing tomorrow.

Since she was already on probation when she failed the test that landed her back in rehab (after a few hours behind bars), he has enough legal leeway.

"Even though Judge Fox has said that any failed drug test would result in an automatic 30 days behind bars, he could go beyond that," a source said.

"Beyond that" could mean flat out terminating her probation.